More Powerful Spreadsheets


Streamline reporting and build more powerful apps by bringing the power of cloud functionality to any spreadsheet.All while using the formula syntax you already use every day.

Solve Complex Tasks in Minutes

Simple Formulas, Powerful Functionality

You have seen people build complex tools in your spreadsheets using VLOOKUP and pivot tables. What if the functionality you already rely on, could give your sheets access to the power of cloud computing. This is what SheetDev is all about.

Empower your team

Find Existing Formulas

SheetDev comes with a lot of powerful formulas built in and we are adding more every day. Our internal portal allows you to quickly find the right tool for your job and walks you through how to use it. So your team can move on to the things that really move the bottom line.

Unleash your secret sauce

Bring Your API

Even though we solve complex problems for all kinds of different teams, we will never be able to do what you do. So we made it easy to bring your own APIs into SheetDev in minutes so your team can leverage the capabilities that make your business one-of-a-kind.

Easy to use

Accomplish otherwise complex tasks in seconds. Geocoding locations, fetching real-time info from the web, or even fetching data from your internal services becomes a breeze.

Better when shared

Spreadsheets are used to share information and make better decisions. This is why anyone on your team can use it right away. You are never gonna pay for seats.

Security minded

You may be sharing powerful functionality with lots of people over time but you can revoke access at any time from anywhere. This keeps you and your team in control.

Start For Free

Our Free Forever Plan

We have a bunch of functionality that will be FREE FORVER. Its the tools we believe everyone should have access to.

  • Unlimited Seats

  • 10 Requests/min

  • 1 Custom API Formulas



Unlock your team's creativity and let them build the tools your business needs to grow faster.

  • Unlimited Seats

  • 500k Requests/mo

  • 50 Custom API Formulas

  • Access to Premium APIs



Now that your team is running your business better than ever, put more capability in their arsenal to keep accelerating

  • Unlimited Seats

  • Unlimited Requests/mo

  • Unlimited Custom API Formulas

  • Access to Premium APIs


We are on a mission to build the best self-service tools for individual contributors to create the tools and reports that they need.

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